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The following subjects related to Graphene Research will be discussed during the workshop:

Electronic properties:

Adsorbates, Doping and Defects; Interfaces; Stacking; Mesoscopics; Strain; Twisted layers.
Electronic correlations: Excitonic effects; Broken Symmetries; Magnetism; Superconductivity.
Transport and Tunneling: Disorder Scattering; Computational Design; Graphene/BN interfaces.
Spectroscopy: Optical response; Infrared and Terahertz.Quantum Hall Effect.
Thermal Properties: Graphene and derivatives.
Devices: Fabrication; Bolometers; Solar Cells; Sensors; Mechanical; Hybrid Structures.
Crystal growth and properties: CVD; MBE; single crystal; growth kinetics; edges and grain boundaries.
Local Probes: STM; TEM.
2D Crystals: Beyond Graphene.